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Status of the Dolls

So I started to organize my desk in the living room. This lead to me bringing doll things into my bedroom. This lead to me taking things off my dresser. And then I laid out all of Maya's outfits…

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Which led to me taking a current family picture…

Trick or Treat!

I yet live!! And here's a photo story to prove it…
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It's my fault. I'm sorry. I was swayed by the evil ways of other social networking like Tumblr and Facebook. I was wrong. This, this marvelous thing with minimal ads and a not never ending and repeat repeat repeating of posts is far superior.

Without further adu, here's lots of dolly pics you might have missed out on over the last few months.

 photo IMG_7090.jpg
 photo IMG_6850.jpg
Current family picture.

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Dream Doll 3/4 completed!

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Meet Orion, my Volks F31! He and Tempest will warm up to each other eventually. I think.

Did it.  Always wanted one forever.  Did it.  They probably sold out within minutes.

Been sick.  Was going to go to an SCA event today, and yesterday, but total sick fail.  Coughing and hacking terribly so.  I think I blame the air conditioner.  It's nice to have a thing to blame.

I totally used three vacation days.  So now I need to find something to do tomorrow to not feel like it's a total waste and taking away from precious vacation time that could go towards my honeymoon next year.

Spent time gardening a bit.  Checked out a new comic store.


IMG_6074 by tempest_strife
IMG_6074, a photo by tempest_strife on Flickr.

Tempest is too sexy for her pants. Also she's thinking about a certain set of twins.

Feb. 28th, 2012

I realized one of the things I most miss about college is the constant discussion of current events by informed intellectuals. Now... I feel like most of the people I talk to are like radio repeaters, simply re-transmitting what they head from a source without taking time to digest and consider it.

So. Tell me what's going on, intellectuals.


IMG_5833 by tempest_strife
IMG_5833, a photo by tempest_strife on Flickr.

A sketch from a year ago. And Tempest now.